PRODUCTS » MR Reporting (Software for Pharma Companies)

MR Reporting is a "Software for Pharma Companies" which is very useful for Pharma Companies.

Now a days every Pharma Company wish to maintain online and traceable daily call report, so they can concentrate on more doctors and chemist to increase their sale. This MR Reporting Software will enable a MR to enter his/her daily call report by him/her self and his/her senior may view his/her call report and can Approve/Reject the report. This online process will ensure that the MR is working properly.

MR Reporting also maintains the Samples Stock automatically, whenever a MR gives Product/Gift to a Doctor/Chemist stock will automatically reduces with the given quantity.


  • Doctor's List
  • Chemist's List
  • Employees Record
  • Daily Call Reporting
  • Product Samples Stock
  • Gift Samples Stock
  • Samples Stock Maintain Through Call Report
  • Multi Level Hierarchy
  • User Management