PRODUCTS » MediStore + (Software for Medical Store)

MediStore + is a "Software for Medical Store" which has been built using latest Microsoft .Net Technology.

MediStore + is specifically developed for Medical Store, using this software they will be able to manage their store with ease. Using MediStore +, a medical store can maintain their complete inventory of medicines, they can get the details of Sch. H1 Drugs sold/returned, man get the list of critical products which are less in stock or near to expiry. Medical Store can also print a Purchase Order by using MediStore's easy interface.

Administrator Approval is required for every Purchase of Medicines entered by operator.


  • Medicines Sale
  • Medicines Purchase
  • Batch wise Stock
  • Stock in Group
  • Sch. H1 Drug Details
  • Physical Verification of Stock
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Sold Items Details
  • Returned (Sold) Items Details
  • Purchased Items Details
  • Returned (Purchase) Items Details
  • Sch. H1 Drugs Sold/Returned Items Details
  • Stock Transfer from One Store to Another
  • Purchase Order Print
  • Stock Flow
  • Critical Products by Expiry Date
  • Critical Products by Reorder Quantity
  • User Management
  • Approval of Purchase