PRODUCTS » Genealogy + (Software for Family Hierarchy)

Genealogy + is a "Software for Family Hierarchy" which has been built using latest Microsoft .Net Technology.

Genealogy + is specifically developed for Families who wish to keep their Family Hierarchy. Using Genealogy +, families can maintain their complete hierarchy with full details of family member including their stories, photos, source of information, any attachments with personal details.

Records can be printed, export in various formats including Gedcom and can import from Gedcom.


  • Theme Based
  • Stories
  • Photos
  • Attachments
  • Statistics
  • Import from Gedcom
  • Print Option
  • Export in Various Formats
  • Date Calculator
  • Complete Relationship
  • Merge with Another Tree
  • Summary on Hover
  • Zoom In-Out
  • Period Selection
  • Multi Language