PRODUCTS » MicroFin (Software for Micro Finance Company)

MicroFin is a "Micro Finance Software" which has been built using latest Microsoft .Net Technology.

MicroFin is specifically developed for Micro Finance Companies who wish to keep maintain records of their Customers, Loans, Repayments, Repayment Schedule and Funds Inflow and Outflow. MicroFin also provides the module of Business Profitability where Micro Finance Company can see how much profit they made during this business. Loans can be either repaid in Daily, Alternate Days, Weekly, Biweekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly Installments.

MicroFin has a Unique Feature of Holiday Scheduler which is very useful to schedule Loan Repayment for a Customer.


  • Customers Records
  • Funds Introduce
  • Funds Withdrawl
  • Funds In-Out Flow
  • Various Installment Types
  • Loan Repayment Schedule
  • Customers Dues and Advance Payments
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Holidays
  • Loan Repay Status
  • Repayments
  • Remaining Installments and Amount
  • Business Profitability
  • User Management